Provide ease of use, transparency, and simplicity in a platform controlled by you. Extend endless features to your third-party originators. Whether brokers or correspondents, customize your feature-set for all variations of solutions of your origination constituency.


Lodasoft prides itself in its no-code configurable deployment methodology. This enables you the flexibility to turn on a dime. Market shift? No problem. Want to offer refi and recapture tools, just turn them on. Purchase season upon you? Extend branded Prequalification tools all the way through to the borrowers and external realtors involved on your TPO’s transaction.


Give your management staff, Account Executives, and internal staff more control over the onboarding process with self-managed External Company setup. Invite external companies and users with their own hierarchy. Give them the functionality they desire, offer them personalized branding, and more!

Superior Tech

We know you need to compete. To do so, you need the best technology available on the market. With Lodasoft TPO, you can offer your partners a fully branded Point-of-Sale with Dual-AUS, automated Digital Verifications Including employment/assets/ income, and more! In addition, an AI powered CRM and configurable Product and Pricing Engine brings it all together.

Dynamic Reporting

Want to know how your Brokers and/or Correspondents are doing and how to help make them better? Imagine a world where you could identify weakest link before it weakens. Set thresholds, create dashboards, send notifications to management. We’re talking about dynamic, configurable, actionable intelligence.

Workflow Engine

Our task-based workflow engine allows you to automate your own personalized mortgage process. It’s basically our secret sauce. When it comes to Third Party Origination, imaging if you could leverage the centralized nature of your back-office so that the Third Parties felt like .. First Parties.

Integration & Implementation

Our agnostic eco-system via Lodasoft Connect allows you integrate virtually any widget, third-party service, LOS. With open APIs, quick-start templates, and more, our ease of set-up allows you to go live in less than 30 days. From there, you’re given the tools to make tweaks on the fly.

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