We Help You Close More Loans Faster By Implementing A Revolutionary, Automated Digital Workflow System.

Lodasoft helps brokers and lenders save time, increase efficiency and scale while providing an amazing user and borrower experience by leveraging AI, Automation, and Process Workflow Optimization.


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  • Consolidate multiple systems
  • Create automated task based workflow
  • Save your LO’s time
  • Automate Communication
  • Close more loans
  • Close loans faster
  • Reduce costs

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Consolidate Multiple Systems

One of the biggest challenges in mortgage today is the Frankenstein method of using many different applications for different purposes. Slap it all together and hope they communicate with one another. Not with Lodasoft!

  • One Single Central Nervous System that will connect or replace almost any other application. 
  • Communicate between your POS, LOS, CRM, and other marketing tools with seamless integrations. 
  • Create systems and processes that are easy for employees to understand. No more complex systems. 

Create Automated Task Based Workflow

One giant downside to the capabilities of most LOS programs is that they do not prioritize tasks or loan files for you, leaving it up to your processors to know what to do next. Lodasoft can help you:

  • Eliminate First-in First-out processes so you can work on the most important tasks first. Think McDonalds or Ford. 
  • Enable Parallel Processes Where Different People Are Working Different Elements of the Loan Decreasing Closing Times
  • Assign Non-specialized work (such as payoffs) to lower paid employees so you save money and time on payroll expenses. 

Save Your LO’s time

Your loan officers need to be spending their time hunting for qualified prospects and opportunities, but too often they get bogged down in the processing of a loan, and it affects production. 

  • Free up their time to prospect more by automating communication and status updates of loans.
  • LO's will work from tasks based on priority so they can spend more time focusing on what's important. 
  • No more wondering what is happening with a file. All status updates and notes are in one centralized place. 


Don't take our word for it. Discover what some of our best customers are saying. 

These guys have taken a simple idea and made it a reality. Lodasoft takes care of the front end just as well as the back end of the loan process. 

Lodasoft is one of the best systems I've experienced. It's POS, CRM, and Workflow are fully customizable to fit your business production flow.

Lodasoft isn't a system, it's the ultimate business partner for career mortgage professionals!



Throughout the loan process there are many milestones where different parties or applications need to be notified of changes in the file. 

  • Automate third party notifications such as title, realtor partners, etc. 
  • Automate Email Communication to the client before, during and after the loan process. 
  • Ensure the borrower documents and other needed items are not 'missed' by ensuring that they don't sit in an email inbox waiting a response. 
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Close More Loans

The entire purpose of our program is to help save your processors and fulfillment team time, effort and energy so you can close more loans with the same amount of staff. 

  • Increase processor pipeline capacity up to 200%
  • Reroute unspecialized work to lower paid employees so processors can push loans through the pipeline. 
  • Eliminate First In First out Processes by establishing task based priority and closing 

Reduce Costs

Our proprietary tool will help you reduce costs every step along the borrower pipeline/ journey. 

  • Reduce the amount of time spent per file by up to 176%.
  • Increase total capacity with task based assembly line workflow. 
  • Optimize the entire process so there are no costly delays. 

Partners & Integrations

Our agnostic eco-system comes with standard out-of-the-box integrations and an open-API strategy that allows you to connect virtually any third-party service, LOS, Servicing System, Core Banking platform, and more! In addition to open APIs, our configurable architecture and quick-start templates allow for ease of set-up and maintenance giving you the power to go-live in less than 30 days.
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