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Powered by Lodasoft's award-winning digital platform, Lodasoft provides brokers with complete loan management, combining visibility, accountability, transparency and automation of rudimentary functions all in one system. Lodasoft for Brokers is the tool you need to be able to out-maneuver the competition.

Loan Application, Document Management and Esign

We'll help you automate the gathering of all documents so you'll always know what's outstanding. Track, approve, reject, send for eSignature, and more—all from a centralized dashboard.

Borrower and Realtor Portals

Your own secure portals where borrowers and realtors have 24/7 access to real-time status updates and notifications, can satisfy outstanding conditions and communicate throughout the loan process. A great web and mobile experience for all!

CRM and Lead Management

Are you referral-based? Buying leads? Refi? Purchase? There's a lot to think about and we've figured out how to automate and get the most out of every touch. CRM and Lead Management requires a strategy, not just a system. We'll help you capture your audience, and then we'll help you incorporate everything necessary into your entire workflow.

Text Message and Communication

Eliminate the need for manual internal and external emails with our message and alert center. We can send texts, emails, instant messages, and more without you having to lift a finger.

Email campaigns

Automated emails go out to your internal staff, borrowers, realtors or any party involved in a transaction triggered at any stage of the process. Use our templates, create your own, you decide!


Lodasoft for Brokers connects you to industry leading third-parties like Equifax's The Work Number, MeridianLink Credit Services, Credit Monitoring, Digital Asset Verification by Form Free, Fannie Mae DO, Freddie Mac LPA, and more!

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