Lodasoft at a Glance

Lodasoft is mortgage task automation software designed by mortgage veterans
to enhance productivity and quality while providing structure and guidance
for all members of the process.

  • Simplicity

    Lodasoft’s business process management solutions offer
    mortgage professionals the ability to simplify the entire process.

  • Better Management

    Our task-based workflow engine allows your team to identify
    what, when and who should perform each task.

  • Complete Control

    Lodasoft’s business process management solutions give you complete control of your borrowers, users and partners, and your bottom line!

  • Cloud System

    With Lodasoft, there’s no need for major technological change. Lodasoft runs alongside your current enterprise systems, including your LOS and Document Repository.

  • Mobile

    Lodasoft's mobile solutions allow you to manage communication, document upload, and more from your fingertips.

  • Flexibility

    Lodasoft recognizes your business is different. Configure the system to do what you want, when you want, and how you want it. We'll help!

Why Lodasoft

Individual User

If you're a single Loan Officer looking for tools to increase your business, Lodasoft was built for you.
    Borrower/Agent Portals
  • Gather borrower docs and always know what is outstanding
  • Track, Approve, and Reject borrower/agent submitted documents
  • Allows the Borrowers and External Agents to view realtime status
  • We centralize and automate all internal and external communication
  • Automated messaging, alerts, emails, all on your behalf to all parties involved in the transaction
  • Retain your clients and get more referrals through automated and prioritized campaigns
  • Access documents from anywhere via the Cloud
  • Organize every task, on every file, every time

Small Team Or Large Organization

If you're a part of a small team or an entire organization in need of process and task automation, we can help here too.
    Internal Alignments
  • Create internal alignments to assist in automated task assignment
  • Allow more people to work on the loan at the same time without the chaos
  • Get notified when files you are working on have high priority updates
    Detailed Reporting
  • Our tools track all data necessary to identify weak areas in your process
  • Dashboards to track your teams performance, as well as the pull through on borrower expectations
  • Compare user/team performance metrics over time, for true insight into how your business is performing
  • Using our tools, You can learn how to modify your process to cut down the time it takes to fund a loan
    WYSIWYG Document Management
  • Ability to split, merge and rotate documents within Lodasoft
  • We have the ability to integrate to any LOS, making the addition of Lodasoft to your process seamless
  • Email Address Verification via BriteVerify
  • Esign via Docusign - *Coming soon
Borrower Portal login displayed on a Customer's Mac

Borrower Portal

  • Secure portals where borrowers have 24/7 access for real time notifications, satisfying outstanding conditions and centralized communication throughout the entire loan process
  • Automatic alerts to borrowers when tasks are outstanding, or documents are requested
  • Upload and satisfy conditions and documents requests through our mobile web application

Agent Portal

  • Real estate agents can print pre-qualification letters 24/7 directly from Lodasoft's Agent Portal
  • View realtime status updates on all their clients' loans
  • Allow agents to view, and satisfy certian conditions and documents requests through our mobile web application

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