Custom Task Workflow Engine

  • Gather borrower docs and always know what's outstanding
  • Track, Approve, and Reject documents
  • View Real-time Status
  • Our task-based workflow engine allows you to automate your own personalized mortgage process
  • Allows your team to identify what, when and who should perform each task
  • Staff can now identify daily work
  • Transfer task responsibilities from one employee to another with a push of a button
  • Custom document templates for different borrower or loan types

Communication & Alerts

  • Communicate on loan files, tasks, and documents with ease
  • Create a transparent work environment where everyone on the file knows what stage the loan is in and what items are still outstanding
  • Create notification alerts on tasks, internal messages, documents or file overview
  • Eliminate manual internal emails and CC emails with our message and alert center. Remember, we automate nearly all of the communication involved in your process

Borrower & Realtor Portals

  • Secure portals where borrowers and realtors have 24/7 access for real time notifications, satisfy outstanding conditions and communicate throughout the loan process
  • Automated alerts to borrowers when documents are outstanding
  • Upload and satisfy conditions and documents through mobile web application
  • Ability to configure what the borrowers/agents see on the portal
  • Built in customizable contact and referral sections within the portals
  • Custom branding available
Borrower Portal login displayed on a Customer's Mac

Personal & Custom Email Campaigns

  • Automated emails go out to your internal staff, borrowers, realtors or any party involved in a transaction triggered at any stage of the process --- you decide
  • Create campaigns for referral partners and closed clients to build relationships
  • Send videos and custom HTML emails


  • Lodasoft's mobile solutions allow loan officers, borrowers and referral partners to manage communication, document upload, and more from your fingertips

Integrations & Implementation

  • Integrate with your LOS seamlessly with our open APIs
  • Standard Templates and set-up allows you to go live in less than 7 days

Cloud System

  • With Lodasoft, there’s no need for major technological change. Lodasoft is SaaS-based, in the cloud, allowing for access from any computer or mobile device


  • Instantly identify where the holes are in your company, process, or staff.
  • Identify what tasks or documents are taking the longest to satisfy and easily make adjustments
  • Run live productivity reports and determine what processors and assistants you’re getting the most out of
  • Determine who in your organization or staff is making the most errors
  • Put fires out as they happen instead of throwing water at the problem every month like clockwork